Is your favorite part of Rust the depression you get after waking up to find you have been raided and all your loot despawned? Do you like players telling you how you are doing everything wrong and making jokes about your mom? Then perhaps being a Pickle Volunteer is for you!

We are looking for dedicated volunteers who would be willing to help us run and create what we feel is the top Rust server focused on the Community! We need help in various ways including (but not limited to) Handling player reports and escalation, Media & Advertising, Discord moderation, Community outreach, Website development, Plugin development (C#), Back end server work, In game observing/moderation and so much more.

For those considering helping us with moderation, preventing admin abuse and allowing players to have an uninterrupted experience is our top priority. We utilize a tiered structure where Moderators initially start off with limited access and over time are granted more abilities as they continue to assist us and moderators with in-game abilities cannot play on the server they moderate with higher levels of moderators being completely unable to play on any of the Pickle servers. Moderating a Rust server is mostly a thankless job. Its not a lot of fun but it does provide excellent experience that can be applied in the real world or if you one day wanted to start your own server.


Fill out the form below to let us know of your interest and we may get in contact. Due to the number of applications we cannot promise everyone a spot on our team but everyone will be considered and we greatly appreciate you taking time to reach out and let us know of your interest in helping us!


-Dill Worbridge

Pickle Volunteer Application


Pickle Volunteer Application